Meet Dimitra Turner

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Dimitra Turner

PBS Clinical Specialist

Dimitra has worked with neurodiverse individuals over the past 9 years; she has worked with autistic adults and children, as well with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental health needs. She has worked across a variety of settings including, schools, nurseries, family homes, residential and supported living services and adult day services.

Dimitra holds an MSc in Applied Behaviour Analysis (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) from Tizard Centre (Kent University) and was lucky to be taught by well-revered professionals within Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) and Active Support. She has completed the required 1500 hours of supervised clinical work to pursue accreditation with the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board.

Dimitra conducts skills and functional behaviour assessments and uses the results to inform individualised and person-centred Positive Behaviour Support Plans. She implements and trains staff and parents on the strategies within each PBS Plan.

Increasing self-confidence and independent life skills is at the forefront of the support Dimitra provides; she believes that the people she supports should be accepted, empowered and accommodations for them made with the aim of improving their quality of life. She is a strong supporter of the neurodiversity movement and strives to highlight and eliminate ableism as well as develop autonomy and self-advocacy skills to the people she supports.