Meet Dr Dora Whittuck


Dr Dora Whittuck

Senior Psychologist

Dora is a senior psychologist, project consultant, and lecturer with over 16 years of specialist expertise in clinical psychology practice, organisational consultation and development. She has extensive experience of working with young people and adults with neurodevelopmental conditions, learning disabilities, mental health problems.

Dora currently leads a team of clinical psychologists in NHS learning disability services, alongside her independent practice. She is an honorary lecturer at the University College London and the University of East London, and regularly teaches on learning disability provision, systemic approaches and leadership interventions. She also works as senior consultant on a Wellcome Trust funded research programme exploring co-production, diversity and productivity from the perspective of people with learning disability and autism.

Dora has worked in a range of clinical settings, including private healthcare, NHS inpatient and community services and charitable organisations. She has a particular interest in working creatively and compassionately to improve individual well-being whilst improving organisational effectiveness at all levels.