Meet Bhawna Bharkada


Bhawna Bharkada

Systemic Family Psychotherapist and Organisational Consultant

In addition to her systemic foundation work, Bhawna is trained in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), psychodynamic/attachment, gestalt, person-centred counselling, dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), children’s accelerated trauma technique (CATT) and non-violent resistance (NVR). Bhawna’s experience includes working with children and families for over 20 years within a wide range of contexts, such as community settings, schools, NHS, Local Authorities and private sector. I have also been in specialist services for looking after children and families facing adoption breakdown. She has worked with children, young people and adults pre and post diagnosis of neurodevelopmental conditions and learning disabilities, as well as those with mental health concerns.

Bhawna runs a supervision clinic for trainee family therapists, and offesr consultations as an associate member to multiple organisations. She is Senior Systemic Lecturer for various organisations and teaching institutions.

As well as writing and having multiple systemic courses accredited, Bhawna has written and delivered numerous parenting programmes and groups. She has a special interest in working with identity, family culture, and power and marginalisation.

Bhawna delivers training and workshops on:
• How to apply systemic ideas to organisations
• Power and marginalisation
• Development of self-reflexivity
• Race
• Gender
• Working or managing similarities and difference.