Clinical assessment

Case Study – Clinical assessment

A functional behavioural assessment was carried out with a young man with learning disabilities and autism and his family as requested by the local authority funding his support. There were concerns about the level of distress he was showing and his parents were becoming increasingly upset at the lack of progress in understanding what was behind the episodes of agitation and aggression.

Through careful observation and completion of standardised questionnaires as part of a thorough assessment it was established that changes in the individual’s support network and inconsistencies of approach were contributing to feelings of uncertainty and anxiety.

A workshop was developed around the assessment findings, attended by the individual’s parents and the clinical staff providing support. This led to collaboration in drawing up a Positive Behaviour Support plan to enhance quality of life informed by a fresh understanding of the individual’s distress. Feedback suggested a renewed sense of partnership in working together to improve consistency and communication between network members, all of which led to reductions in episodes of agitation and improvements in well-being for everyone.